Plexus PBC is working to make a million person community as intimate as a small group of friends. Our means: a new kind of social network which connects people through their Voice.

The Voices web app launch reached >150k people on Twitter. We received Tweets and Voices from strangers telling us the experience—of hearing real people speaking about the thing that matters to you right now—feels magic.

It became clear that Voices Playlists can be a real alternative to podcasts or music.

But the web app was buggy and its design was confusing. So we >$1m to hire a obsessive designer and tasteful mobile engineer. We’re going to enable unprecedented belonging online.

Who We Seek

We’re looking for elegant rule-breakers.

We are rooted in NYC and have a strong preference for in-person-work (strategizing around a table, brainstorming in front of a white-board, painting visions on a walk). We want folks who can be in this with us.

We’re currently interviewing for:

Founding Product Engineer

Founding Designer

Founding Community Organizer


We select for individuals who: